Adding Length To Kid Jeans

Kids just grow to stinkin’ fast! One minute their pants fit perfectly, the  next, they look like their waiting for a flood. And let’s face it,  buying new pants ever couple of months gets expensive. I’m going to show you a little trick I use to help extend the life of those pants. And  the best part? No sewing. Oh ya, I’m talking about the glue gun. If you  read my post, Ripped Jean Fashion Fix, you’ll know that once this glue is on your jeans, it’s not going anywhere. Wash it, dry it, it’s ready to go.

What you will need:

  1. Lace, Ribbon or Fabric-enough to make the pants seem longer
  2. Glue Gun
  3. Pants to fix
  4. Scissors

Begin by turning your  pants inside out, then measuring the amount of lace you’ll need. You can use measuring tape or simply lay the fabric along the pant legs. Be  sure to add an extra inch or so to the end.

Grab that glue gun!  Beginning at the seam and working in small areas, glue the ribbon edge to the edge of your pants.

Continue around the entire pant leg until you reach the other side. Glue  slightly past where you began. Cut off any ribbon access.

Do the same for the other leg and TA DA! You’ve just added extra length to you kiddos pants and another few months of wear!

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