Cupcake Candy Shoes

What you’ll need to make your Cupcake Candy Flats:

    1. Mod Podge (about 2 oz)
    2. Candy Sprinkles
    3. Foam Brush
    4. Clear Spray Sealer
    5. Fabric Flats/Shoes

Be sure to protect your work surface with a trash bag or newspaper and that you are wearing the appropriate crafting attire.

The first time I attempted this I began mixing the candy and mod podge together in hopes that I would just paint it on. This is what happened.

The colors bled and I ended up with a gray mess.

Instead I started by painting a thick layer of mod podge over the area of the shoe where I wanted the candy(for these shoes I only wanted the toes done). Then with the sprinkle spout still on, I sprinkled the candy all over the shoe. Pausing to lightly press down on the candy to make it stick.

*make sure your hand is free of glue and be careful not to rub or the colors will bleed*

Once you have your entire area covered in candy, take time to lightly press down on the candy one more time and shake off any access.  Allow your shoes to dry for at least 30 mins.

*Do not put a layer of mod podge on top*

Once the glue is dry spray the candy area with a thin layer of a clear sealant/finishing spray. I used this resin spray from Castin’ Craft. You can use anything that helps keep moisture out.

Be sure you are in a well ventilated area-safest place is outside.  Allow to dry 15-30 mins.(follow the directions on the can you’re using) then cover with another layer of sealant. I know the directions say it will be ready in an hour or so but I would recommend letting it sit and dry over night to be safe.

I know you’re wondering if the candy will chip off the first time you wear them. I wondered the same thing, esp. after I tried using glitter on a pair of my kid’s shoes: Glitter Flats.  Well let me tell you, as of today, I have worn them 6 times and nothing has come off. When I say wear them, I mean I walked around Christmas shopping in them ALL DAY!  Of course if you scrap the toes on the ground or pick at it with your nail, they could chip. But honestly, you’re wearing real candy on your feet!  You shouldn’t be going on hikes or sucking on them anyhow. But the great thing is if it does chip, you can always get out the mod podge and candy and fill in any missing spots.

BONUS IDEA: Mod Podge also makes a sparkle formula. Try using the sparkles under the candy. This will add a sparkle candy effect when finished!


  • Easy to do
  • Cute/Sweet
  • Lots of variety for colors and styles
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to fix


  • Only works on certain materials
  • Best for delicate wear

If you decide to try this project I’d love to hear about your experience and see pictures.

Thanks for stopping by!


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