Flower Hair Clip Tutorial

You see them everywhere. Those beautiful flower hair clips and brooches. They are the perfect accessory to any outfit, but with prices ranging from $6-$25 having one that matches more than one outfit isn’t realistic.  Today I’m going to show you how to make silk and paper flower hair clips. I’ve been making these for over 6 years and after reading this you’ll have a garden of hair clips to choose from.

What you’ll need (items are available at most craft stores):


  1. Silk flower from the fake flower section
  2. Mod Podge
  3. Glitter (matching color)
  4. Glue Gun
  5. Scissors
  6. Sheet of Felt
  7. Alligator clip (also available at Sally Beauty Supply)
  8. Newspaper or sheet of paper
  9. Clear Finishing Spray (optional)


  1. Paper flowers from the scrapbook section
  2. Glue Gun
  3. Center piece: button, bail, diamond, etc.
  4. Sheet of felt
  5. Alligator clip


STEP 1– Begin with popping off the stem

After the stem is gone you’ll need to detach the green plastic base while leaving the center post in the flower, as seen below.

STEP 2: Carefully remove the center while keeping the petals in the same order.  This is the part that really makes this project unique. Most people will use a button, bail or glue a diamond in the center. You can totally do that but since I like to use what I’ve got, I like to use the original center. My trick is I pull of the fuzzy cover, revealing a plastic center that fits perfectly in the center of your flower.

STEP 3: After all the fuzz is removed grab that Mod Podge and matching glitter

STEP 4: Ready to get messy?  For something this small I would recommend just using your finger to apply the thin coat of  mod podge.

STEP 5: Over your newspaper, sprinkle glitter on the mod podge.

Lightly tap away the access.

*Don’t throw away that extra glitter. Bend your paper and empty the extra glitter back into the container*

Allow to dry 25-30 mins.  If you chose to use a finishing spray, do so after glue dries. Allow spray to dry completely before touching.

While your glitter centers are drying, grab your glue gun and your flower petals.

STEP 6: Separate your petal layers but keep them in order from smallest to biggest.

STEP 7: Starting with the bottom layer of petals, use your glue gun to make a small circle around the hole where the fuzzy center used to be. Before the glue cools, take the next layer of the flower and press it on top. Continue these steps until all layer of petals are glued together.

STEP 8: Flip the largest layer of the flower over. Find something that will make a nice size circle on the back of the flower. Once you’ve found it, grab your sheet of felt.

STEP 9: Draw as many circles as you need on felt and cut them out.

*for dark colored felt a white or gray crayon works great. Chalk would also work*

STEP 10: Grab that glue gun. Use it to attach the felt to the back of your flower (if there are any line marks left from tracing, put that side down).  This will give a stronger base for the clip to attach too, plus it looks nicer.

STEP 11: When your sparkly centers are finally dry it’s time to move on to the next step. Using your scissors, carefully cut off the back post.

Then it’s time to grab that glue gun again. Glue your new sparkly centers back onto the flower-watch those fingers.

STEP 12: Attaching your flower to a clip can be a little tricky. This is how I do it so you don’t get glue everywhere or accidently glue the clip shut.  Put glue just under the edge of the clip and press down onto the felt.

Once that cools a little, lift and open the clip up so you can do the same to the other edge.

STEP 13: Here’s the tricky part. Using a pencil or, if you’re brave, your finger between the opening of the clip and press down-watch those brave fingers.

Excuse the polish-ick!

STEP 14: Once the glue has cooled, carefully remove finger or stick.  Turn your flower over and bask in the glory that is your very own silk flower hair clip!

PAPER FLOWER: These flower are made basically the same way as the silk, minus a few glue and glitter steps.

Skip steps 1-5. Follow steps 6 and 7. When using paper flowers, you can use all the same colors and sizes or  mix and match.  Just be sure your petals aren’t sitting directly on top  of each other. Each petal should split the other to create a more  realistic look. They should look like this–

For steps 8-10: depending on the size of your flower you may need to cut your felt to the size of your clip only. Just be sure your felt covers where the clip will sit.

Once your petals are all glued down, simply add a center to your flower. As you can see from the picture above you can use a bail, a button or even a diamond (if you are using a bail, bend the metal down so it lays flat and is hidden or break off before gluing down).

Skip step 11 but follow steps 12-14.

And Voila you are done!

These flowers make the perfect gift! You will definitely get a few oooo’s and awww’s when they hear you made them yourself!

*Think outside the box:  glue small diamonds or pearls onto the petals to create a more elegant look. And don’t just wear them in your hair, pin them to a favorite shirt or jacket*

*warning about paper flowers: if they get really wet (they have to be saturated) they will bleed and can stain hair and clothing*

Did you try this out?  I’d love to hear from you or even see pictures!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


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