Just Kids: “Bell” Flowers

Hello! Thanks for popping in. Today’s project is the first of 3 fun KID projects that will be posted this week by me. What makes this project so fun is that it combines 3 art mediums that kids love: painting, glue and glitter. With the extra bonus that these Bell Flowers have actual bells that jingle.

What you will need:

  1. Empty and clean egg carton
  2. Scissors
  3. Bells
  4. String, yarn or ribbon
  5. Paint
  6. Glue
  7. Glitter

*Before we begin, make sure your craft area is protected and that all little crafters are wearing the appropriate crafting gear*

Once your clean egg container is empty, use your scissors and cut the lid and front flap off.

*Be sure if your child is cutting, that they are old enough and are supervised*

Carefully cut each cup apart. I found that if you cut between each cup then cut down the center, it is easier to cut over all those bumps.

Once all the cups are cut out, cut triangles into the edges to create the 4 petals. Then make a hole in the top of each flower-large enough to get your yarn, string or ribbon through.

Now comes the fun part. PAINTING YOUR FLOWERS!  We ended up having a major painting station set up with a variety of acrylic paints.

Sometimes art can be messy, especially when it involves kids. But this is a great project to let your kids express themselves-mess and all. Paint the outside and inside of each egg.  Allow paint to dry. Depending on how thick they put the paint on, this could take awhile 😉

Once your eggs are painted and dried, it’s time for the glue. They can dribble it, smudge it, dot it, whatever their little hearts desire. Once the glue is on, grab the glitter and make those flowers sparkle! Let dry.

*make sure kiddos wash their hands as soon as they are done with the glitter. Getting this on their face, in their hair, in their eyes and all over your house is a certainty otherwise*

Grab your yarn, string or ribbon and attach as many bells as you’d like at the bottom of your cord (we added 2).  Create a large knot 1/2″ above the bells-this will help give the bells room to swing and jingle. Decide how long you want each bell to hang and cut the length needed. Thread the cord through the bottom of the flower and up through the hole you made earlier. If you are using a string, you may have to use a needle. For yarn and ribbon, you can also use a needle or simply make a small knot at the top of the yarn and pop it through the hole.

Once your cord is threaded, find the perfect place to display your kiddos beautiful one of a kind Bell Flowers. Hanging options: door, door knob, window, or (like my kids did) their beds.

I hope your kids find this project to be as fun as mine did! Don’t forget that I will be posting even more fun kid projects this week in honor of kid’s week so make sure to check back.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


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