Ripped Jean Fashion Fix

If your kids are anything like mine their clothing does not keep that brand new look for very long. In my home it’s the jeans that always take the beating. For example, my daughter got 3 great new pair of jeans when school started. A month later all 3 had holes in the knees. Either my daughter is extremely clumsy or has a unique way of turning nice jeans into “rock star” jeans. Minus the holes, these jeans were brand new! No way was I going to get rid of them. But what to do? I came up with a way to take these torn jeans from ripped to rad.

Before you panic, no this was not the result of a single fall. She did  not fall down a mountain side. This is the after I washed the  ripped jeans a few times, giving the holes a few loving tugs in between each wash.)

I do not sew. At all. My mother is the queen of the sewing machine, me…not so much. So instead of needle and thread I’ll be using (you guessed it) a glue gun. You’re probably asking if the glue will really hold. I have been  using a hot glue gun to fix fabric items for years and I have never had  an issue! Once the glue sinks into those fibers and cools completely, it’s impossible to get  it off.

What you will need:

  1. Glue Gun
  2. Lace or fabric
  3. Ripped jeans
  4. Scissors

Turn your jeans inside out.  Cut out a square out of your fabric or lace. Make sure it covers the rip completely-leaving room for the glue to fit. I usually will go from seam to seam.

Make sure you glue your fabric slowly so that the glue stays along the edge. Having scratchy glue on your leg will definitely not be comfortable.

If you’re using lace, watch those fingers. The glue will be slightly  tacky and could burn. Use something else to lightly press down on the  top. Make sure you are pressing the fabric down and not rubbing. If there is any loose glue it will stick to you and possibly to another part of the jeans. Pressing will create those annoying glue strings which are way easier to get rid of.

Cut off any access along the edge WITHOUT CUTTING THE JEANS(not that I did that….)

This is what you should have once the lace/fabric is glued down.  Make sure it’s completely cooled before turning right side out.

If you’d like to see more of the lace, you can go back and cut a few  strands away to expose more. But remember more is less. You want the  ripped effect.

TA DA! Those ripped jeans now have a funky edge to them and all without a single thread being sewn.

Good luck and thanks for stopping by!


9 thoughts on “Ripped Jean Fashion Fix

  1. This is a great idea! My daughter plays hard and consistently rips out the knees of her jeans. She is not into patches, but I think she would love this.

    • I know exactly what you mean! And now that my kids know about this option for their jeans they have mentioned ripping them on purpose :)Please let me know how it turns out. ~April

  2. this is wonderful – thank you
    my favorite jeans got ripped, and i was heartbroken. I didn’t want to put patches because that would look awful, but i think this would work

    thanks again 😀

    • It’s been a year since I made this post and the lace is still holding strong. I wash it on cold and dry on medium. I think your water and drier would have to get extremely hot in order to melt it.

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