Valentine Card Box

If your kid’s school is like ours, you are responsible for bringing a box  or bag to school to collect all of those great Valentine cards. Well my kids are just like me-they love the opportunity to make something from scratch.  That’s why we LOVE this project. We get to recycle, use glitter and it’s kid friendly!

What you’ll need:

  • empty tissue box
  • construction or scrapbook paper
  • scissors
  • mod podge or elmers glue
  • glitter
  • razor blade *adults only*
  • strong ribbon or string (optional)
  • sponge brush

Before we begin make sure your work area is protected and that all crafters are wearing the appropriate clothing. This project also involves cutting with scissors. Be sure all little ones are being supervised.

To cover your box you’ll need 2 sheets of paper. Start by folding the first sheet of paper around the box, creating creases on all the edges. Remove from box and fold down creases.

Repeat these steps for the other piece of paper then grab your mod podge and spunge brush.

Continue these steps again for the other sheet of paper. Make sure to press the paper down and don’t rub. Rubbing the paper could cause it to rip.

Set the box to the side while it dries.  Now it’s time to make those heart decorations!  We created large and small hearts, cut out letters to create my kiddo’s name and the word ‘love’.  Don’t decorate the top of your box yet since that is where the opening will be.

I’m pretty sure this part doesn’t really need instructions buuut here are some anyhow 😉

Once your box is decorated and glittered, let sit for 25-30 mins. Once your outside glue is dry it’s time to cut an opening in the top.

 *adult participation needed*


Now that the opening is cut, feel free to decorate the top of your box as well.

You can leave your box like this if you wish or you can add handles.  To create the handles you’ll be needing that ribbon or strong string.

*adult participation required*

Decide which side of your box is the front and using your blade, carefully cut a small hole on side of the box. Do the same on the opposite side.

Make sure your knot is large enough so it wont pop out of the hole once a little weight is added.  Repeat this step again on the other side making sure you threat outside-in.
For extra security, I repeated these steps and made a double handle. This part is completely up to you.  Now is a good time to look over the box to see if any glitter needs touch ups.  Allow your box to sit over night to ensure it is completely dry.

And that is it. Not only have you created a super unique and sparkly Valentine card box but you have also taught your child how fun it can be to recycle and up-cycle. Great job parents!

Thanks for stopping by and keep on crafting!


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