Valentine Monster Box

A Valentine box for a boy doesn’t have to be plain or boring.  Who says a monster doesn’t want love too?  My favorite part about this box is that when the cards are delivered, the kids have to put their hands inside it’s mouth 🙂 Guaranteed to create giggles and have all those other vday boxes green with envy.

What you will need:

  • large empty tissue box (a shoe box can also be used. Just glue lid to box)
  • scissors
  • construction paper: white, black and red(any extra colors are up to you)
  • acrylic paint: black, blue, yellow and red(optional. You can use construction paper as alternative)
  • red glitter
  • 2 clean and empty clear plastic bottles
  • wiggle eyes
  • hot glue gun
  • mod podge or elmers glue
  • paint brush

Before we start, make sure that your work area is protected and everyone is wearing appropriate crafting gear. This project does involve scissors and a hot glue gun, please be sure all children
are supervised.

Let’s start with the painting!

Let’s make some eyes! Get those plastic bottles, scissors and paint.

While your box and bottles dry, grab your white construction paper and draw your teeth. Be sure you do the top and the bottom teeth. Other options for teeth shape would be a more round tip or even squares.

Let’s make some arms. You can use matching construction paper or a totally different color. You could even have 2 different color arms.

By this time your box should be dry. If not, take a quick snack break then come back ………………Now that your box is dry let’s make the mouth.

Once your mouth is cut out, paint the top of your box and allow it to dry. Do not attach teeth yet.

Check on your plastic bottoms. If they are dry use your glue gun and get ready to make those eyes.

If the box is dry, it’s time to attach the teeth. When attaching the teeth, be sure that the “clean” side is showing out. That means if you used a pen or pencil to draw your teeth, make sure that side faces inside the mouth so it can’t be seen.

Right now the monster looks a little to angry to be a Valentine Monster. So I decided to add a silly sparkly tongue.

Get your plastic bottles and place them on top of the box. Decide where you’d like them to sit.

Time to paint again. Decide what colors you’d like to polka dot your monster with.

To make polka dots you’ll need something with a round end:

  • dotting tool
  • pencil eraser
  • paint brush bottom
  • your finger tips

Add dots all over you monster, don’t forget to add them to its arms too. I added a few hearts to my monster.

Attach an arm to each side of the box. Making sure the point of the bend is face forward. This will make the arms stretch out in front.

Allow your paint to dry completely.  If you’d like to add a little more personality to your monster, you can write a funny message or your child’s name inside it’s mouth. You can even add glitter to some of its spots.

And that’s it. Your little man will adore this loveable Valentine Monster Box! It will definitely create giggles when the cards are delivered. PLUS you have just taught your child how fun it can be to recycle and up-cycle. Great job parents!

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Valentine’s Day!


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