Banana Facts: Extending The Life Of Your Bananas

Did you know…..

That you can extend the life of your bananas by doing 3 simple things.

  1. Keep them away from other fruit and vegetables: banana peels contain a plant hormone called ethylene. This is a gaseous chemical that is responsible for helping ripen the banana from green to yellow. It will also ripen any other fruit or vegetable it is close to more quickly including itself.
  2. Refrigerate them “naked”: When you put a banana in the fridge, the acid production slows down because of the cold temperature and, as a result, the ripening process slows down. But the ethylene production continues to escape, causing the banana to turn brown.  If you peel them when they are ripe and store them in the fridge, this will slow down the ripening process and help it stay fresher for up to 4 days longer than a fruit that is left at room temperature.
  3. Detach them from stem: If you’re putting them in a fruit bowl outside the fridge, detaching them from each other will slow down the ripening process.

After 1 week of sitting on the counter they only have a little brown on them.

Extra fun fact: if you peel a banana from the bottom up, you’ll eliminate the banana “strings” you get when peeling from the top down. Strangely enough, monkeys always eat bananas this way.

I love fun facts, don’t you?

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