Sparkly Fruit Centerpiece

“The world is full of poetry. The air is living with its spirit; and the waves dance to the music of its melodies, and sparkle in its brightness.”~ James Gates Percival

I was looking for a unique center piece idea. I knew I wanted something that said food and it had to sparkle. I found what I was looking for when I was at Michael’s Crafts. Paper mache fruit. No joke. There were 6 different kind of fruit to choose from. I decided to go with apples and pears since they are my kid’s favorite.

What you will need:

  • fake fruit
  • glitter
  • mod podge
  • white acrylic paint
  • paint brush
  • clear gloss sealer-spray paint

Before we start make sure your work area is protected. This can be a messy project.

Make sure your paint is completely dry before moving on. Put a good amount of mod podge on. You don’t want clumps, but you also don’t want a thin layer. I used a paper plate under my fruit when I added the glitter. That way I could empty the unused glitter back into its container to use again.

When the mod podge is completely dry(25-30 mins. depending on how thick it is) go back and check for any spots that glitter didn’t stick too or was knocked off. Simply dab a little mod podge right on to the spot and add glitter again.

Once your fruit is completely dry, spray the fruit with a clear gloss sealant (follow all safety directions listed on spray can). Allow to dry completely.

I love how these turned out. They add the right amount of sparkle to my table. Now I just have to find the right way to display them.  Another tutorial? Maybe 🙂

Thanks for stopping by! Keep on crafting!


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