Upcycle: Chip Bag Purse/Tote

This seriously is the easiest bag ever to make. It doesn’t involve any sewing and can be made in around 15 mins. It’s great to give as a gift or even to have for yourself. Every time I use mine I get tons of compliments.

When I said this is super easy to make, I wasn’t kidding. You need only 4 tools:

  • Clean chip bag
  • Matching Duct tape
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape(optional)

Start by turning your chip bag inside out and cleaning it gently.  Dry it off completely. Turn it right side out.

Now is the time to decide what shape of a bag you’d like. Chip bags are longer in size where most purses are wider. I decided I wanted to make mine more square so I cut of some of the bottom and top.

*when cutting the bottom of the bag, leave 1/2″ longer than you want*

After cutting the bag, grab your duct tape and break off a piece that is longer than the cut area.  Pressing down on a clean work surface, place the duct tape right down on top of the cut.

Flip the bag over and fold the tape up and secure on the back side.

Cut off access on sides without cutting the bag.

*if your tape looks a little off center, don’t worry. This wont matter in the end*

Here comes a trick part. Put your hand inside the bag and using your finger carefully press the corner in. Use your hand inside the bag to pinch the insert. Looks like a mouth and you should be able to make your corner talk.

Do the same thing to the other side.

When you look inside your bag your should see a triangle in each corner. When we secure the triangles they will be pressed up on the sides of the bag not the bottom.

STRAP:  Measure the height of your bag. Now roll out your duct tape to the length you want it to hang then add the measurements of each side to it. Rip and lay with the sticky side up.

CAREFULLY starting at the center, fold the duct tape in half onto itself. Work your way down one side  doing the same thing, then again the other direction.  Continue this step on the other side so no sticky is showing.

Using your measurements, add 1/2″ and rip off more duct tape. Press it to the bottom of the strap making sure the tape passes the end.

Turn bag on it’s side and slowly and carefully press the strap down-being sure to cover the triangle corner( which should be  pressed again the side of the bag not the bottom).

Repeat this step with the other side. If your tape passes the bag, simply cut around the strap then fold those ends over the bag.

EDGING:  Measure your bag  in the front from strap to strap. Get that duct tape and measure it out.  Slowly rip your duct tape long ways so you end up with 2 strips.

Starting in the middle of the bag and the middle of the duct tape, press half the tape to the bag. Continue around the top.   You may get bubbles in the tape, but who cares!? It’s a chip bag!  Bubbles or not it’s gonna be awesome!  Repeat on  the other side.

*be sure the ripped edge is on the inside, not outside*

Snip tape around straps.

Carefully fold down the tape all around.

You can leave the tape that is on the strap or  you can carefully peel it off and trim it.

To finish off the bag, I suggest putting a strip of duct tape in the bottom of the bag.

Measure the bottom of your bag and add a few more inches on each side so it will cover the corners completely.  This is a little tricky.  With the sticky side on the outside fold your tape in half.  Place tape in center of bag first, then let the sides fall. Press and press and press. Sorry I don’t have pictures, it was seriously impossible to do this and take a picture 😉

That’s it! Now just add your wallet and you are ready to go! Look at you — saving the environment and looking cute while you do it!

Thanks so much for stopping by and keep on crafting!


3 thoughts on “Upcycle: Chip Bag Purse/Tote

  1. This is soo cute ! I made one with a chocolate chip bag and it came out soooo cute! thanks sooo much. Perfect instructions!

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