April Guest: Naomi – Message Board Revamp

My April’s guest crafter is Naomi from Twice The Life and The Mama Owl Diaries. Naomi will be showing us how to Revamp a message board. This is such a great way to add color while still keeping your life organized!  To learn more about Naomi, her shop and her blog, simply click the links above or scroll to the bottom of the tutorial and click on Twice The Life logo to visit her shop or her Facebook page.


Welcome to Once Upon A Craft Naomi–

I’m so honored to announce that I was asked to be the April guest crafter by my very dear craftilicious friend, April, over at Once Upon a Craft!!I have been thinking & thinking about what to do for this project.  As an added bonus, April happens to be my daughter’s birth month, so I decided to make her something fun for her birthday.  It then turned into a Mommy-Daughter project and we decided to revamp an old cork message board that has been sitting in the closet for a few years now.  The only thing I had to purchase for this project was the fabric (on sale for $6.99/yard at Hobby Lobby) and a few chunky rhinestones – for a total of $9….not half bad!
Here’s what you’ll need to complete this project:
  • framed message board
  • 1/2 yard of fabric (or as much as your board will require. The fabric I used is a canvas.  It is thicker and more durable than a basic cotton)
  • spray paint
  • chunky flat-backed stones (or buttons.. or bottlecaps.. or you name it!)
  • not pictured: glue gun
  • (optional) heavy-duty staple gun
After laying out some newspaper, spray paint the back and side edges of the frame.  Allow to dry, flip, and spray the front.  Doing it in this order will make sure that the front of your frame will stay neat and fresh…. maybe! 😉
Now, while you wait for the paint to dry, you can do any number of things.  You can watch the paint dry, you could clean house or balance the checkbook.
However, we prefer to have a one-girl rock show on the trampoline…
…enjoy the fine art of puppy-watching…

 …and swing upside-down.
But you choose the waiting method that is best for you! 🙂
All dry?  GOOD!  Let’s get back to work!
Gather your board, sparkles, fabric, glue and staple guns, scissors,
and PLENTY of extra glue sticks!
We found some bigger, colorful sparkles in the craft closet, so those aren’t shown here, but we did actually use different sparkles.
Now, lay your fabric on top of your board and cut evenly around the outer frame.  This will give you a little piece to fold under so that your edges are smooth and no cut edges will be visible.
The folks that know me well know that I have a slight addiction with my iron – Must. Iron. Daily.
Women… please don’t lash out!  But you may find that after cutting the fabric, if you fold the edges under just to fit perfectly and press them down with an iron, this part will go so smoothly for you!
The fabric should lay neatly inside of your frame now.  For this portion, I chose to both glue the edges (ONLY!) down with a hot glue gun and staple every 3-4 inches (7 staples on the long sides and 5 on the short sides – counting the corners each time) for added durability.  My girl is cute, but she’s tough, so I wanted this to last as long as possible!!
You could just do one or the other if you’d like.  I also used the chunky stone sparkles to hide the staples.  If you do not use staples, you would not necessarily need the sparkles, it would just be an awesome bonus!  😉
(Of course, making this boy friendly, you could use other items to camouflage the staples if need be.)
 You could be finished just as it is now, but I decided it needed a few more shabby, girlish touches.  Into the scrap fabric bucket we dug until we found some coordinating fabrics and I quickly made a few rolled rosettes to add to the corners.
I normally sew the rosettes, but I wanted this to be a sew-free project, so I just dabbed a little hot glue every now and then as I rolled the fabric strips.  There are a lot of tutorials out there for rolled rosettes if you don’t know how to do those already!  It will change your crafty life!
(Yes.  I pressed the scrap strips before rolling them up.  I told you I have an addiction!)
The finished message board!!  We love it so much!! 🙂
(Notice the paint scratches…  I’m calling it ‘character’!)
I added some colorful, large pushpins for tacking on notes, photos, schedules, etc.
Still trying out whether to hang it vertical or horizontal..

I hope you have enjoyed this fun tutorial!  It was my pleasure to be a guest crafter at  Once Upon a Craft  and I look forward to next time!  If you revamp a message board of your own, I’d love to see it!!   ~xoxoxoxox, Naomi


To see other great tutorials or to learn more about Naomi, please click the shop link below or stop by her Facebook page.

Would you like to be guest crafter on Once Upon A Craft? I’d love to have you. Visit my Guest Crafter page for more details.

Thanks for stopping by! Keep on crafting!


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