February Guest: Tiffany–Crayon Roll Up Tutorial

Our first guest crafter is Tiffany from The Polka Dot Giraffe. Tiffany will be showing us how to make a crayon roll up. I have a few of these and they are fantastic. Such a great way to keep your kids crayons organized especially when you travel!  To learn more about Tiffany and her shop, scroll to the bottom of the tutorial and click on The Polka Dot Giraffe logo to visit her shop or her Facebook page.


Welcome to Once Upon A Craft Tiffany–

Hi! I’m Tiffany from The Polka Dot Giraffe and I am so excited to have been invited to be a guest on Once Upon A Craft. There’s a million projects I wanted to share with you but I decided to offer a tutorial on the crayon roll because it’s great for beginners who know basic sewing terms but have limited experience on a sewing machine. You can sew this by hand but I highly recommend a sewing machine because it’s much easier and quicker.

Here’s the supplies you’ll need:

  • Main fabric – 10” x  21” piece
  • Crayon pocket fabric – 5” x 21” piece
  • Ribbon – cut to 20” length
  • Washable Marking pen OR pencil
  • coordinating thread
  • box of crayons
  • measuring tape/ruler (I use a rotary cutting mat and a quilting ruler but you can use anything you prefer to measure and draw straight lines.)

**ALL seam allowances are ¼” unless otherwise stated**

Let’s get started!

  1. First fold your CRAYON POCKET FABRIC in half with right side facing out. The fabric should be long side touching long side. You can iron the crease at the fold or you can  finger press it. I finger pressed mine.
  2. Lay this piece on top of the MAIN FABRIC width. Line up the selvage edge (NOT the fold) of the CRAYON POCKET FABRIC with one of the long sides of the MAIN FABRIC.
  3. Now, you can pin in place along the bottom or just guide through the machine by hand if you feel comfortable. Sew a ¼” seam along the selvage edges to attach the crayon pocket fabric and the main fabric piece together.  I also chose to sew a ¼” seam along the fold line but you can skip this step if you prefer. Note—I did NOT sew the fold to the main fabric.
  4. Next, we’re going to measure 1 inch sections for the crayons to go in. You can use a washable marking pen or pencil for this part. Since we will be sewing right over the lines, you won’t be able to see them.  I do not suggest using any marker other than a sewing marker because other markers will typically bleed/run on fabrics and stain.This is what you should have once all of your lines have been marked. Notice there are 16 pockets, they will accommodate a 16 count box of crayons.
  5. Now, we will sew the lines we just drew to create the individual crayon pockets. There’s no seam allowance on this step. Simply sew along your lines. Don’t forget to back-stitch at the top of each crayon pocket. This will ensure your stitch stays in place once you trim the thread and that your crayon roll will withstand lots of wear and tear.
  6. As you sew each line you can cut the thread each time you begin a new line OR you can do what I do to save myself some time. After I back-stitch at the top of each pocket, I lift the presser foot and gently pull at my fabric to get some extra thread and then I line my fabric back up on the bottom of the next line and sew. I still have to cut my extra thread at the end but this is quicker for me that stopping after each line.
  7. Once you finish sewing the lines, lay your crayon roll out and trim any excess threads.
  8. Fold the top piece of the main fabric so that it meets the bottom of the crayon pocket. Wrong side of the fabric should be facing you.
  9. Sew a ¼” seam around the edges leaving a 2-3” opening in the middle of one of the short sides. I sew a ¼” seam about an inch and a half and then lift the presser foot and move my fabric over 2-3” to leave the opening and then I continue sewing a ¼” seam all the way around. Be sure to pivot at the corners.
  10. Once you finish sewing the seams, turn your crayon roll inside out using the opening you left on one of the short sides. Fold your piece of ribbon in half and insert in the opening about ½” inside. Now pin the opening closed with the ribbon in place.
  11. Sew a ¼” seam all the way around the crayon roll.
  12. Now we’re ready to fill it with crayons!
  13. Now just roll up and tie! It’s ready to be tossed in your purse, diaper bag or anywhere else. They’re great for doctor offices, restaurants, church, and in the car.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  ~Tiffany


Thank you so much Tiffany for doing this great tutorial!  I wanted to share 2 of the 4 roll ups I have. Not only are they great for crayons but also for other types of storage.  I use mine for markers, colored pencils, crochet hooks or even my make-up brushes. The possibles are endless!

To see other great sewing items or to learn more about Tiffany please click the shop link below or stop by her Facebook page.

Thanks for stopping by! Keep on crafting!


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